Swimming Pool Filters and Pumps – Essential Equipment For Pool Maintenance

Swimming pools can provide countless hours of fun and excitement for people of all ages. However, in order to ensure that you and your family get the very most out of your backyard pool, it’s vital to keep the water clean. By properly maintaining your swimming pool water, you will be providing a sanitary, contaminant-free environment where your swimmers can have fun and relax without concerns about dirty water or contracting infections. While there are many different chemicals and supplies that can be used for pool maintenance, swimming pool filters and pumps are two of the most essential pieces of equipment for any pool, whether it’s an above ground swimming pool or an in-ground swimming pool. Pool pumps are so essential for pool maintenance because they are responsible for circulating the pool’s water. This allows for better distribution of chemicals throughout the pool and also keeps the water moving through the filtration system so it can be cleansed. Pool pumps are electrically powered devices that can often be controlled by a timer. While some pool owners keep their pump running continuously during the swimming season, others will only keep theirs running for somewhere between six and twelve hours per day. Pool pumps for above ground and in-ground swimming pools are widely available wherever pool equipment is sold, and it’s easy to find high-quality units made by highly respected manufacturers such as Hayward and Pentair. Pool filters are also vital components of pool maintenance and work together with pool pumps to form the filtration system. While the pump is responsible for moving the water into the filter and then circulating the clean water back into the pool, the filter is responsible for removing dirt, algae and contaminants from the water. In order to do this, pool filters contain one of three types of porous materials which trap the unwanted particles while allowing the water itself to pass through and return to the swimming pool. These three types of porous materials are sand, cartridges and diatomaceous earth. Sand filters have been in use for a long time and are commonly used for backyard swimming pools. These pool filters consist of a series of chambers, each of which contains a bed of sand. When the pump forces the pool water through these chambers, dirt and other particles of debris collect in the sand barrier and are prevented from moving on with the water. As a result, only clean water passes out of the filter and is returned to the pool. Since the debris particles and impurities build up in the sand, sand filters have to be backwashed once in a while in order to get rid of the water waste and keep the filter operating efficiently. While sand pool filters are able to catch particles as small as twenty to forty microns, cartridge filters are able to trap particles as small as ten to fifteen microns. Cartridge filters are also easier to maintain as they have a larger surface area and tend to become clogged less often. In addition, these filters exert less back pressure on pool pumps and provide greater flow and turnover due to the fact that they run at a lower pressure than sand filters. Cartridge filters can be cleaned simply by spraying the cartridges with a hose, and this only needs to be done once or twice every swimming season. Although cartridge filters provide better filtration than sand filters, diatomaceous earth (DE) pool filters provide the best swimming pool filtration currently available. Diatomaceous earth is a porous particulate made up of the fossilized exoskeletons of diatoms, a common type of phytoplankton. This powder has microscopic openings which are large enough to allow water to pass through but which are not large enough for most particles of debris and contaminants to pass through. In fact, diatomaceous earth will trap debris and bacteria as small as two to five microns. As with sand filters, DE filters need to be backwashed every so often in order to drain the clogged diatomaceous earth. Then the filter will need to be recharged with fresh DE powder. While DE pool filters provide the highest level of water filtration available for backyard swimming pools, all three types of filters will help to keep your water sparkling clean. Swimming pool filters and pumps of a variety of types and brands are readily available from in-store and online retailers of pool supplies and equipment. Whether you have an above ground pool or an in-ground pool, swimming pool filters and pumps are absolutely essential equipment for pool maintenance and will allow you to provide your swimmers with crystal-clear, healthy swimming water that they will be able to enjoy all season long

Above Ground Pool Dealer Is An Excellent Source To Install Your Pool

Installing a swimming at your place is one the few luxuries you can indulge in rather easily. Installing a swimming pool at your house is an advantage in several ways. You can indulge in certain water spots such as: water polo, pool basketball, belly flop contests and much more with your children, family and friends. That is not all; getting a pool from an above ground pool dealer like Blue World Pools to install the pool at your house will let your family stay fit and healthy for a long time. You and your family can do different types of workouts that will help you to tone up your body and stay in great cardiovascular shape. All you have to do is just get in touch with the professionals at Blue World Pools and the pool will be installed for you. Before you plan to get your swimming pool installed whether it is from blue world pools, an above ground pool dealer or any other above ground pool dealer, you need to do your homework. This is an important decision and you want to ensure you choose the proper vendor and pool. The above ground pool that you purchase is you and your family and friends to enjoy and relax so undoubtedly you will seek the best above ground pool for them. There are several fraudulent above ground pool dealers who promise one thing to client, but deliver substandard goods. This can land you in problems as you can become entangled in costly litigation and receive an inferior product. The best way to avoid falling prey to fraud above ground pool dealer is to do your homework in an efficient manner. In fact the upfront research that you do is imperative to the success of your purchase. It is important to shop around a little and find out the prices that the other above ground pool dealers operating in your area offering for providing installation and other services for swimming pools. There will be numerous above ground pool dealer operating in your city, so this should not at all be difficult job for you to do the research. Many above ground pool dealers have financing options for you. So if you want to finance the pool and don’t have the cash up front there are many options to choose from. At Blue World Pools customers can get extremely competitive financing options for the purchase of an above ground pool. To qualify you will have to furnish proof of ownership of your house and also proof of your income to get the loans from Blue World Pool or any other above ground pool dealer. During the hot summer season, nothing can be more cooling and relaxing then to take a dip in your pool with your family after the end of a hectic day. This works out double for you, first you get to cool off and second you get to spend quality time with your family and bond with them better. Take special care about the maintenance of your pool and if you face any problem with this, you just have to make a phone call to your above ground pool dealer and the problem will be taken care of. Make a wise choice about the above ground pool dealer that you hire to install your swimming pool and most of the things will be taken care of automatically.

Pool Finish: Benefits Of Owning A Private Pool In Your Backyard

Swimming is one recreation that works to keep your body in good condition at the same time enjoy the benefits of relaxation. This is such a great activity for you and your family as you will have the benefit of getting some sun, some tan and some laughter. Most of us may not have a pool in our backyards to enjoy. The next best thing you can do is to go to public pools in order to go for a swim. It is a great place to meet new people but it is nothing compared to having your own. Big or small homeowners have the privilege to have one. If you have the space and the budget to maintain it, then building one in your backyard should not be a problem. Owning your own private pool can have its own benefits. For one, you do not have to leave home in order to go for a swim. When the sun is hot or even if you feel like you are bored already, going for a dip can be an instant. All you have to do is to simply grab your swimsuit and voila! You can practice your backstrokes, butterfly or simply float while you enjoy the freshness of the water. Second, you will enjoy the look of the pool finish in your yard. Technically speaking, building a pool is not only done by digging a simple hole and filling it with water. It involves planning the water system and on top of that, a great deal of art. Therefore, it should add beauty to your backyard. The site of water can have a calming effect. Third, you can be sure of the water that you are swimming on at all times. Every time you go for a swim and you accidentally swallowed the water, you know it is all right. This is because you know exactly how it is treated. Of course, it is not safe to drink water from the pool but who has not accidentally done that right? Fourth benefit is that it does not get crowded. It will only be crowded if you decide to make it one. However, for most of the time, only you and the members of the household can enjoy the waters. Sometimes, you will even have the whole place to yourself. Is it not what you want, space? Fifth, remember that making pool is not all about holes and stuff but it is a beauty because of how the pool finish are being applied, well these area of the house becomes an instant party venue. You can have great parties in here or even simply entertain your guest by the pool. Anything works fine and it is an added attraction for your guests. Pretty sure, there are other benefits in owning your pool. Just remember, with the benefits comes with responsibilities. For it to be good for you, you also have to have the time, money and effort to have it maintained at its best forms.

Plaster Pool Finishes – How To Achieve Modern Looks For Your Pool With The Use Of Plasters

For a long time, the use of plaster finish has been very popular in adding the final touch for your pool. People have enjoyed its elegant touch to their pools. No other finish could be compared to its performance as this has been tested by time. The classic white appearance that it gives is still one of the most preferred looks of today. This is simply because your pool could look nice at a more affordable price. As time changed, people have been exposed to various techniques of designing. A lot of people have opted for a more natural look, mimicking various landscapes that can only within the untouched lands or the tropical regions. Due to technology, people had the power to bring these wonderful influences into their backyard. Because of changes to preferences, the simple white plaster has also been tweaked to make it suitable for modern art and nature inspired pool themes. Though white has been considered classic, some manufacturers have thought of different ways to make your pools look texturized and let your waters adapt various hue colors. In return, your pool can adapt that lagoon, deep lake or even ocean blue colors. On top of that, the texture that these new plaster pool finishes can give makes your artificial bodies of water safer. This is simply because it becomes skid-resistant. How do they do this? It is done with aggregates. They are ceramic coated materials that are premixed or mixed on site. They are usually added to your classic white plasters to give off various colors and it gives a unique look to your pools. Other aggregates involve the use of quartz and stones. While the use of aggregates has been one of the most sought after methods in tweaking the look the classic white appearance of your pool, others have opted for a tinted plaster. These are used in combination to your white plaster or other choice of colors. You can give a dramatic effect to your pool by giving it a shading look or even adopt the changing hues look. Therefore, expect that there will be dark colored parts and light colored areas. It is the perfect tool to give emphasis or highlights on areas with beautiful landscapes or even identify the deepest part. While white plaster has been known to be the most economical way to add pool finishes to various swimming pools, the additional materials could slightly increase the price of your classic white plasters. And though plasters are known to be easily wearing out, the additional aggregates or tints does not guarantee that it will be resistant to any damage. The beauty of your pool can be maintained just as long as you do proper care. If you see signs of degradation, the best option you have is to have it replastered. At any rate, you will be able to do it years from the time you have applied it first. Probably 10-20 years, depending on how you managed it.

Swimming Pool Fence – Keeping Your Pool Safe and Stylish

If you reside in France, there’s a very good chance you’d like to have your own villa, with a private pool and all the other luxuries available. In fact, families specifically look for a private pool with their villa, where they can spend quality time with their children. And when families do find homes that offer just that, they are overjoyed. However, most of their happiness is short-lived, when they find that their beautiful pool will come with a domineering swimming pool fence, made mandatory by law, to protect small children and the owners, in the event of undesirable accidents. Since 2006, a swimming pool fence has been made a compulsory safety measure by the government to prevent accidents of any sort, especially ones involving children. Thus, not only do you have to have a fence, or abris piscine, but you have to ensure that your device is approved by the law. Yet, a swimming pool fence need not suck all the fun and appeal from your pool area. If anything, it is meant to do just the opposite – provide families an environment in which they can have fun without constantly worrying about children. Even if you don’t have children of your own, your friends or neighbours will feel much safer and at ease when they come over, if they know that their children are not at risk because of your swimming pool. In fact, families are not slow to judge pool-owners without a swimming pool fence as insensitive or negligent. Of course, heaven forbid there were an accident in your un-fenced pool, that is exactly what the authorities will brand you – criminally negligent. Thankfully, a swimming pool fence today is available in different materials, sizes and designs, to suit the needs of all kinds of families and individuals depending on their usage, preferences and lifestyle. For instance, if you’ve spent a bomb on your interiors, you don’t want an eye-sore of a wire mesh around your pool; you’d rather have sleek clear glass panes fitted all around it. At the same time, a family with four rambunctious kids will need something sturdier: like low-maintenance aluminium fencing, with easy gates to give the older kids access when they want, and keep the younger ones out. At the same time, community swimming pools want to look at economy and safety, and a collapsible wire mesh is perfect for a large community swimming pool fence. These are not all; a well-experienced and reputed company should be able to give you many more options, keeping in mind all your constraints and requirements. In fact, experts will be able to advise you on the kind of swimming pool fence you will need, in case you do not know which is good for you. However, most importantly, you need to look for professionals who can install the entire fence correctly and efficiently, and also show you how to care for it. A swimming pool fence is a one-time expense, and this will ensure you get your money’s worth. At the same time, while it is an expense, it also relatively nothing when compared to the life of any child playing on your deck.